Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology has completely changed the scope and practice of endodontic care. We are constantly incorporating the finest technologies in order to help diagnose, treat, and achieve excellence in endodontic care.

We always strive to make our patient’s well-being the primary concern. With that in mind our practice is committed to always pursuing any advances that will help us achieve the highest standard in dental care delivery.

Digital Radiography

Utilizing digital radiography allows for approximately 80% reduction in radiation to our patients with an increase in diagnostic capabilities. Digital imaging allows us to store patient images, and enables us to quickly and easily transfer them to general dentists, specialists or insurance companies.

four x-rays of different teeth and parts of the jaw

Surgical Operating Microscope

     Dr. Saisselin and Dr. Dow utilize the very best quality surgical microscopes, which provides unparalleled magnification and illumination. The surgical microscope has expanded the field of endodontics to create microsurgical endodontics and has advanced the diagnostic and treatment possibilities in all aspects of endodontic care. Essentially, it increases visibility to allow for faster and more precise treatment. 

Surgical Operating Microscope

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

     The addition of CBCT technology enhances our commitment to provide innovative, high-quality, patient care. 
     A CBCT is an extra-oral imaging technique involving a cone-shaped beam and radiographic detector, which orbit around the patient’s head. The data that is collected is reconstructed to produce three-dimensional scans of the head and jaw region. These can be viewed in multiple planes to assess the presence of infections, root canal morphology, and the surrounding dentoalveolar anatomy. This increased knowledge influences management decisions and treatment approaches. It also allows the Endodontist to detect cracks, fractures, and defects with higher accuracy. 
     Specifically, Rochester Endodontics utilizes the J.Morita Veraviewepocs 3D R100 unit, which offers high resolution images with dose reduction assuring a homogeneous image at the lowest possible exposure.

CBCT scanner

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